What we do

SAHARA.IE specialises in handmade crafts from artisans across Africa and beyond. We seek skilled artisans whom produce crafts of the highest quality for you our customers.


SAHARA.IE was founded by Barikisu Ali Telfer, a girl from Wa, raised in Bolgatanga, Ghana (Bolga for short) but now living and raising a son in Dublin, Ireland. 

During my time here, I'd been impressed by the peoples entrepreneurial spirit. In Ghana, this approach to work is customary. In many ways everyone's a hustler, from market traders, to tech start ups, to the vibrant artisanal communities across the land.

Unfortunately, a key issue nascent micro enterprises find challenging is to scale. It’s this knowledge that gave birth to SAHARA.IE. 

Our Goal

Empowering local artisans is a key objective. We aim to bring products from crafts people directly to our customers, cutting out middlemen thereby ensuring artisans are paid a fair price for their craft.

Three Pledges

  • Focus on quality
  • Ensure sustainable practices are mantained throughout our network
  • Reinvest in local communities

Dun Laoghaire Store

We have a brick and mortar presence in the beautiful town of Dun Laoghaire at 69C Georges Street. You'll find us there most days except for Monday

Giving Back